July 3, 2012

LEGO biscuits.

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Here’s a photo of the LEGO biscuits I made for Ronan’s birthday last week – they’re a bit odd-shaped (and the icing is a bit dodgy), but hey, he’s nine and thinks anything topped with M&M’s is totally awesome!! Tee Hee. I think we can all agree that I won’t be going into the biscuit-making business. LOL.

*laughs* At least they tasted alright.

All I can say is; thank goodness the children are so forgiving!

(Let’s not even think about the food colourings!!) ><

They went nicely with his LEGO themed birthday card (and YES, he got LEGO – STAR WARS – for his birthday!!)


May 12, 2010

Woah, time flies!

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Hello all – I must apologise for the recent absence… life got a teensy bit crazy these last few weeks and I’ve been UBER busy and before I knew it a couple of weeks have flown by and I haven’t posted on my blog!

A few of the crazy/hectic/fun things that I’ve been up to have included:

  • A visit from my cousin from the UK – with an extended stay due to being unable to fly home due to the Volcano ash over the UK and Europe.
  • school holidays (always crazy fun!!)
  • workshops
  • Our darling daughter turned 9, had a sleepover and we went bowling with 10 excited kiddies
  • making small gift/craft items for school Mother’s Day stall
  • Mother’s Day (LOVELY DAY!!! Thoroughly spoilt with kids’ home made cards and cute items from Mother’s Day stall – LOVED IT!) Hubby also gave me two more beads for my bracelet. WooHoo!
  • more workshops
  • Clearing clutter from front computer desk/room (an on-going nightmare LOL)
  • Painting our front lounge-room – suede-look feature wall (Kraft colour)
  • Painting rest of front room – cream walls.
  • organising for curtains to be made to suit new colour scheme in front room
  • Purchasing NEW cushions for soon-to-be NEW lounge!! (Wheee… had FUN picking new cushions)
  • Baking biscuits with the children (YUM!)

It doesn’t really sound very dramatic or very time-consuming but it all seemed to keep on going and going – there was no let-up… (when is there EVER ‘let-up’ in life, eh?) and anyway, blogging fell by the wayside.

I have cards to upload, but they’re not on the computer yet – so cross your fingers that I’ll get some time over the next few days to get some blogging fitted in… things are still pretty busy – I’m looking forward to a catch up with my dear friends, Ju and Kelly… maybe we’ll even get some crafting done!! (*falls over Laughing* YEAH… right! We’ll probably spend all the time nattering away).

Thanks for checking by, just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you!!!


April 19, 2010

12 Years and counting!

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Hubby and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary yesterday!!! WooHoo!!

We’re pretty casual about our anniversaries – just an “I love you!” and a bit of reminiscing over our happy day will usually suffice but darling hubby surprised me with a beautiful charm bracelet yesterday. He had already put three charms on it – an “L” and an “R” for our children’s names, and a love heart with a gem inside. He spoilt me – what a lucky girl I am!!!! *le Sigh*

I *DO* feel very lucky every day; he’s my Best Friend! And we have two beautiful children… we’re so blessed.

Anywho – just sharing our happy day. :o)

Julia XX

April 15, 2010

Flower Fancy.

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Here’s a simple card with the Flower Fancy stamp set , Very Vanilla cardstock as my base card with Chocolate Chip cardstock, Baja Breeze and Chocolate Chip ink.

Design by Julia. Stamped Images © Stampin’ Up!

I LUUURVE these colours. If you have a Stampin’ Up! Idea Book & Catalogue, check out page 7 – I pretty much CASED the Pillow Box but made my version for a card.

Baja Breeze and Chocolate Chip look so good together – even if I do say so myself. I’ve lightly coloured in the small flower with my Blender Pens and Baja Breeze ink. This is a Two-Step set and is so pretty.

Wow – this last week of the school holidays has flown by! (I had my birthday last Friday – which was lovely; will share some cards with you soon!) I convinced my husband what a good idea it would be for me to go to Officeworks on Saturday to get some storage drawers… and then spent a lot of this week sorting, storing, organising and then re-sorting and re-organising to get things “just right”! I think I have it how I like it now (I think?)

We met up with my cousin from England last Sunday… I was 14 years old when I saw her last – WOW it’s been 23 years since we moved to Australia!!! It just doesn’t seem that long ago to be honest. It was terrific meeting her again after so long – it was lovely to hear her accent and chat.  She brought her 21 year old daughter with her (who is just adorable), and we had a lovely day with my mum & dad and my brother and his family… we had a picnic at Glenelg – and the weather stayed good!!!

We’ve caught up with friends during this week and will visit Linda and her son Tyler tomorrow with my friend Maria and her daughter for a play-date. *phew*.

AND…. I still need to take the children clothes-shopping before school. I have to take my daughter shopping with me now to try on trousers and jeans as she’s quite slim, but tall for her age – and the elastic/adjustable jeans just don’t fit right if I buy her the size as per her age. GRRR. It was always so much easier to be able to just buy off the rack (my choice of style – YAY!!) and know that the clothes would fit – now I have to take the children and that means we’re hitting the next stage of their growing up…Ahhh, now I’ll be getting her opinions about styles and designs *rollseyes*  LOL. Fun, fun, fun.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your school holidays (if you have time off!!).

Julia XX

May 23, 2009

Introducing a friend…

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I’d like to share with you a new blog for you to enjoy. My awesome friend Ju, (who has also fallen under the spell of Stampin’ Up! and is a part of my Team), has unveiled her brand new blog!

Please visit her at jujybean and check out her lovely creations. Ju (Julie – although no one calls her that anymore! LOL!!!) has been my friend for nearly twelve years and is now one of my stampin’ buddies which is the BEST EVER because we now get to hang out and be creative (most of the time – unless we’re just being silly, that is.) She’s awesome and has the funniest sense of humour – you’ll LOVE reading her blog!

Congratulations on your new blog, Ju! Have fun with it!


May 4, 2009

Completely off-topic…

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I just have to say how very excited I am that Supernatural is coming back on the TV – TONIGHT BABEEEE!!!! (So no one call me after 9.30pm  k? ‘Cos I won’t be answering!! LOL) I missed the first series altogether, was kind of hit-and-miss in seeing the second and third series cos it clashed with something Shane always wanted to see but that was before I’d got hooked and needed my Dean and Sam fixx, because now, nothing is getting in the way of me and Supernatural …. I treated myself to series two on DVD at Christmas and now I can’t get enough of it (ooops – I sound kind of obsessed! *blush*)


Ahem… anyway. *laughs*. *tries to act her age…..*

February 15, 2009

New Layout for Blog

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I’ve freshened up my blog with a bit of a make-over – just a Theme change, but I feel it needed it! I feel that it’s brighter and cleaner. I LOVED the more rustic theme that I previously had, but meh, I needed a change and this one still has a bit of a medieval feel to it. 🙂

I’ll update soon with cards and layouts (I promise) – but I’m busy with paper and computer work for the business this week, so keep your fingers crossed that I get some time over the next week or so to upload something at least!

Keep smiling!