May 4, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Laura!

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Our darling daughter turns 8 today!! Wow – where has the time gone? She was born 6 weeks premature and ever since, she’s been taking us by surprise, LOL! However, we took her by surprise this time!!

We bought Laura a new bike for her birthday and Shane hid it in the shed until Sunday. We decided to give it to her her early so that she could spend Sunday riding it rather than getting it today after school and not being able to have much time riding. Tee hee….. Shane set it up in the shed and I made a massive red bow out of tissue paper and stuck it to the handle-bars. We planned a secret code phrase: “Would you like a cup of tea?” so that when I came out into the front garden (where they were all doing some playing and fencing – well, Shane was fencing LOL!),  and asked him if he’d like a cup of tea, it meant that I was going to hide in the shed with my camera and wait for them to come down. I positioned myself behind the bike to capture Laura’s face as she opened the door and saw her bike…… so sneaky!! It was great! Laura had no idea and when she saw it she was so surprised – so funny!  She got all teary and gave us all big hugs and said she couldn’t believe it. Bless her. Ronan got her small bike and Shane put the training wheels back on so he could ride around – he was over the moon and didn’t even care that it was purple!! He’s going to help dad re-spray it in whatever colours he wants. So Sunday was spent with the children riding around the front doing skids and testing out their ‘new’ bikes.  Sweet.

Card by Julia, Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Card by Julia, Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

When she opened her card this morning she uttered a long, high-pitched “Ooooooooohhhhh!!!!” (I was suitable happy with said response and obviously did ‘okay’ with choosing the stamp set and design *sigh of relief*)

The set I used for this card is Animal Crackers and I chose pinks and purples in bright shades because Laura LOVES purples and I thought a nice bright card would be perfect for her 8th!

Stamp sets: Animal Crackers, Outlined for Fun

Cardstock:  Orchid Oppulence,Pink Passion, Yoyo Yellow, Watercolor paper, Pixie Pink and Lavendar Lace for small stars.

Inks: StazOn, Pink Passion, Lovely Lilac, Gable Green and Yoyo Yellow for watercolouring

Accessories: 2 way glue pen, Dazzling Diamond Glitter, Lareg and small star punches, Aqua Painter, wooden number ‘8’ from own stock.

Card by Julia, Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Card by Julia, Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

And the inside…

By Julia. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

By Julia. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Stamped using All in the Family, Family Favourites and Family Phrases with the Stamp-a-ma-jig (AWESOME TOOL!!!) To get the bunch of balloons, I free-hand stamped my first balloon onto the cardstock in the position I wanted, then stamped the balloon onto a Post-It note. I carefully cut around the balloon right on the line, and positioned it on top of my first image. I could then stamp more balloons over-lapping the first, knowing that the Post-It note would protect the first image from being stamped over. I removed the Post-It note and re-positioned it for more balloons and then did the other side. I’ve used Stampin’ Up! watercolor pencils to colour the picture and added Glitter for that extra sparkle!

I think we survived the Birthday weekend quite well – Laura had one friend sleep-over on Friday night, where we all watched High School Musical 3 (borrowed from her friend).  I loved it! *laughs* Such a shame that Laura would LOVE to see it again and I just HAVE to buy the DVD so we have our own copy. *cough-nothing-to-do-with-Zac-Effron-at-all!!cough* Good, clean, safe fun! And great songs too *blush*. ANYWAY!!! And then on Saturday we had 3 other friends join in for Pizza lunch,  a movie and a bite of cake – a perfect number of girls and nice & simple.

Saturday night we went out to Ju and her husbands’ joint birthday celebrations and had a lovely time! Ju had decorated their house and garden with candles and fairy lights and it was simply beautiful!!! The food was delicious and we had great company with Kelly and her husband and the other guests.

Here is the awesome Invite that Ju sent us:

CArd by Julie Pollit. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

CArd by Julie Pollit. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Ju, you make beautiful invites!! (I’ve told you that already, but HA! I get to do it all over again!)


May 3, 2009

Lovely card from Alisa…

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I received this beautiful card from Alisa Tilsner last week – what a surprise!! She also sent me a totally unexpected gift.  Thankyou! *hugs*. I’m having so much fun with my Stampin’ Up! ‘stuff’  and I appreciate very much Alisa’s wonderful encouragement via her cards. I always love getting cards from Alisa and admire her work and LOVE checking out her blog almost daily!!! Such an inspirational and talented lady.

Card by Alisa. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Card by Alisa. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Thanks again!!!

January 28, 2009

Beautiful card From Angela!

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I feel like doing some Fangrrrl *SQUEEEING*…..

Angela Sargeant made me a card! SQUEEES!!! Apparently *blush* I had really good December sales (I’m just doing and sharing what I love – there’s no magic to it!) and Angela sent me a beautiful card to congratulate me. (I believe Angela is my upline by two or three levels)


It’s gorgeous!! I don’t know if you can see, but there is glitter around the pearl on the flower – just the right amount of sparkle! The colours are from the In Color family with DSP from the Ginger Blossom range.

*Le Sigh* so lovely.

Tee hee, I feel a little bit like “Fred” from the Cars Movie (if you have children, you know this movie!) when he meets Mario Andretti… Fred: “Mario Andretti knows my name!” (and poor Fred has his name on his number-plate. *giggles*)

Anyway, had to share the excitement!

November 6, 2008

Ohhh, a card from Roz!

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Look what lovely surprise was waiting for me at the Post Office this week!

Card by Roz. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Card by Roz. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Thanks Roz!! This card is lovely – I ADORE this stamp set (how did you know?) *hugs*!! Thankyou very much.

I particularly liked the shaded edges of the circle and the saying… how did you do that Roz? It gives it a real 3D look!!! It’s such a shame that you can’t quite get the same impression from the photo as you can in real life – the circle that the bird is stamped on looks as though it’s slightly ’rounded’ or ‘puffy’, and the scallop shape is actually cut OUT of the Close to Cocoa cardstock so you can see the underneath colour of Creamy Caramel. (See Roz, I know my colours! :o) )

Thanks Roz!


Oh, and here’s another of Roz’s fabulous cards………………………

Pop up Card by Roz. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

Pop up Card by Roz. Images © Stampin’ Up! 1990-2008

(Sorry my photo isn’t the best. >< )

A prospective Hostess actually found your Pop Up Christmas card on YouTube, Roz and sent me the link to see if I could demonstrate it at her Workshop! How coincidental is that? It’s “meant to be”. 

Thanks again for these two lovely cards. *hugs*